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Dragons Den 5-8 AGEOFF

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Interview with Ryan Foley of Nuvocare Health Services

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DNA-Essentials® - Age-Reversal-Technology

The biggest breakthrough in anti-aging in the 21st century is signalling the body to naturally increase Youth Enzymes at the cellular level! Read on to learn how you can dramatically increase the production of these enzymes by simply taking one tiny pill daily!

By now, you know that aging and ultimately the breakdown of body performance and appearance is directly related to DNA damage(1). The unfortunate fact is that as we age, our natural ability to repair damaged DNA declines(2) leading to cellular dysfunction and aging. DNA-Essentials® is a natural DNA repair activator that increases the body’s natural DNA repair process by increasing DNA repair enzymes at the cellular level. With daily use of DNA-Essentials you can now keep up with the daily DNA damage that occurs that ultimately causing you to lose healthy function and age. With regular use of DNA-Essentials you are putting yourself in a position to prevent further aging and even reverse the signs of premature aging. You will also notice more energy, better health and immunity, and ultimately a more youthful appearance and function.

Consider these facts: within all human cells is an individual’s blueprint for life – your DNA, which also contains information on cell regeneration. Because DNA is constantly being assaulted by free radicals causing DNA damage, cells do not regenerate in perfect form and the performance and appearance of the human body naturally declines. It is estimated that after age 25, our ability to keep up with DNA aging (degradation) declines, as does our performance and body appearance as a result(3). In fact, every day our DNA sustains an estimated 10,000 molecular lesions per cell and once we are in our mid to late 20s, we have difficulty keeping up with their repair. While the body is naturally equipped to neutralize and dispose of free radicals that cause DNA aging, its antioxidant defences may become overwhelmed by normal metabolic activity, such as exercise, stress and environmental insults such as UV light and pollution. When this happens, the rate at which DNA is attacked outpaces the rate at which it is repaired, causing a decline in the way we perform and the way we look and feel. This is of particular concern to athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain peak performance, function and appearance.

While popular antioxidants (water soluble, fat-soluble, vitamin or herbal) can help to protect our DNA by harnessing and neutralizing free-radical molecules, they are simply not enough to keep up with the free radical overload. These free-radicals damage DNA, and unfortunately, antioxidants can do nothing to increase the rate of repair of DNA damage once it takes place. Antioxidant systems become overwhelmed by normal metabolic activity, such as exercise, stress and environmental insults such as UV light and pollution. When this happens, the rate at which DNA is attacked outpaces the rate at which it is repaired. This reality causes a decline in the way we perform, the way we look and feel, and this is what we call aging. DNA-Essentials® is the world’s first clinically proven supplement to actually increase repair DNA once damaged.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Ronald Pero, PhD, and his researchers from the University of Lund in Sweden visited the Ashaninka Indians of the Amazon Rainforest. Here, they observed how the local medicine men (shamans) would make a specialized hot water extract of Uncaria tomentosa that produced pronounced healing results. Dr. Pero and his research team also discovered the presence of Carboxy-Alkyl-Esters (CAEs) in this natural extract. These unique esters work to effectively up-regulate DNA repair enzymes in the human body, leading to cellular DNA repair. In fact, a clinical study published in the Journal of Phytomedicine showed that the precise level of CAE’s found in DNA-Essentials® increases the body’s natural DNA repair ability 15%(4). By supplementing with DNA-Essentials you can effectively reverse DNA aging, improve cellular function, and look and feel younger.

1) Best BP (2009). Rejuvenation Research. 12(3): 199-208.
2) Gorbunova V, et al. (2007) Nucleic Acids Res. 35:7466–7474.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maintain Telemere Length with AGEOFF®

Did you ever wonder what factor really dictates our TRUE biological age?

Well scientist now know the answer and measuring ones true biological age is directly correlated with the length on our telomeres.

A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration. Telomeres are extensions of the linear, double-stranded DNA molecules of which chromosomes are composed, and are found at each end of both of the chromosomal strands.

Telomere length appears to provide a potential marker of an individual’s age where shorter telomeres reflect more advanced biological age. Telomeres are shortened over time as a result of cellular replication, but can be accelerated by harmful environmental factors like oxidative stress. It has been found that telomeres are significantly shorter in people with aging associated diseases such as coronary artery disease and chronic heart failure.

AGEOFF goes beyond just neautralizing the free radicals caused by oxidative stress. Yes, AGEOFF contains potent vitamin and plant-derived anti-oxidants that neautralize the free-radicals involved in attacking our cellular DNA and shortening the length of our telomeres! But, what happens when anti-oxidants are simply not enough and free-radicals begin damaging the genetic blueprint of human life - Our DNA?

Well the answer to this crucial question is what will really help you understand why AGEOFF is such a breaktrough in anti-ageing and youth sustainability technology. Working on Active Chromosome 11 on our DNA strand, AGEOFF actually stimulates the production of enzymes that up-regulate our natural ability to repair DNA. And guess what, this repair process helps promote the lengthening process of telomeres! Yes, if you can prevent shortening of telomeres and increase telomere length, the body will function in a healthier, more youthful energetic manner!


AGEOFF may not be the fountain of youth but it is a clinically validated product that truly gets to the root of ageing and proactively corrects DNA damage - The ultimate cause of cellular ageing via shortening of telomere length.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

THE BASICS ON AGEOFF® - How to Educate & Sell

Developed by: The Team at Murale

-The product originated in Europe and now everyone in Hollywood is on it and the company has given Murale exclusivity in the Specialty beauty channel in Canada.

- The team at Murale have been using AGEOFF® for a several months now and have noticed an improvement in their skin complexion with a brighter healthier glow, as well as firmer leaner muscle tone for the entire face and body, more energy and they all just feel amazing!

The technology behind AGEOFF® is simple:

1: AGEOFF has patented technology called NuvoCell™, which is DNA repair for the skin. Two key ingredients in the NuvoCell include pomegranate extract and resveratrol at high dosages, which are potent internal anti-oxidants. Further more, it includes a rare herbal extract from the amazon called Uncaria Tomentosa that actually increases DNA repair in skin and boosts immune system function!

2: NuvoFit™, which is a skin-firming muscle-prevention technology, includes forskolin, ginseng and Cha-De-Bugre – These herbal extracts not only energize the body, but significantly reduce body-fat levels and dramatically increase body firmness and improve muscle tone.

3: NuvoDerm™, which is anti-wrinkle skin-rejuvenating technology includes key skin-antioxidants including Chinese green tea Catechins and the powerful Astaxanthin that not only help boost your metabolism helping aid weight loss but defend and neutralize the specific free-radical that generate in skin and cause skin ageing!

Bottom line, these 3 components improve the skins elasticity and reduce wrinkle formation giving a softer look to your face and body. You will notice a difference within 6 weeks of using AgeOff but most use this daily to be at there best!

Hey... If people like Katie Holmes, Madonna, and Julia Roberts can use AGEOFF, why can’t we!?!